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Some technical services of SadidGostran

Repair of printers and office machines

Repairs of laser and inkjet printers, copiers and office machines. Freezers for cartridges and supplies

Smartphone and tablet repairs

Software and hardware repairs for all types of smartphones and tablets

Laptop repairs

Repairs and warranty, all laptops and supplies of consumables and spare parts

Hard repairs

Software and hardware repair for a variety of hard drives

Peripheral and network security services

Installation and implementation of CCTV projects, implementation of internal networks and network security


Advisory offices of the Foreign Ministry are ready to serve you dear compatriots throughout Iran!

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DadePardaziAmin was founded in 2003 in order to operate in the field of computer services and in the year 1395 with the brand of Sadid Gostaran continued the path and the path to the growth and progress in this field in order to gain experience and service Technology advancement in the country has been accompanied by managers and experts in computer sciences, smartphones and office machines and joined the jirga of knowledge based companies. The goals of committed managers and our expert colleagues are always to identify the needs of our customers and provide the best services based on the most advanced technologies of the day. Currently, this suite includes 3 units of sales and warranty and software, and by collecting these sections under the same name, they try to provide full services to government agencies and institutions, private companies and individuals. Raising the quality of the work done and providing specialized human resources within the framework of the ruling standards in the world is not something that can happen accidentally. The long-term vision of research, production, supply and support is our strategic attitude towards work, which gives satisfaction to the testimony of what has been done for the SADD Distributor of Expertise and its customers. We hope to take advantage of our expertise to find the best results.

Constituent members

Our sales experts, with full knowledge of the specifications and prices of all types of computers and smartphones, computer components and office machines, and by analyzing and analyzing customer needs in meetings with the managers of this sector, with regard to the market potential, fully captures the market pulse and in competition It works with other companies to meet the needs of our customers. In this regard, the exchange of views on the supply of the mentioned goods and the modernization of the warehouse with the department of commerce and management is regularly carried out.
The technical experts of this complex with full mastery of science and technology of the day by repairing and servicing different types of computers and smartphones and office machines and data storage hard drives with the advanced tools mentioned below, to our progress in supplying the needs of the market and customers and some of the active partners They are in the same field.
Managing directors, Sadid Gostaran, has continuously partnered with its partners in China (Hong Kong), Canada (Toronto) and the United Arab Emirates (Dubai) to enter the country directly with the world's best quality goods in order to meet the domestic market requirements through the law. Any medium, and at the appropriate price, will be offered to the market
50+ variety
1650+ sold goods
160+ customer satisfaction

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The founders and investors of DaedoGastran Company

Amin Farrokhi


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software services

SadidGostaran is also active in the software industry and web programming.

Designing the store

Design and implementation

Web application

Web design and programming

Graphic Design

Graphic design like high quality posters and logos

Design personal pages

Design and implementation of personal and resume pages and portfolio


Consulting and Ideas in the software industry and design

User interface design and user experience

Design and translate user-friendly user interfaces


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Fix bug

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Iranian Building Building , 4th Floor - Unit 5 - Valiasr Square (AJ)

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